Three Spring Scents You’ll Love

Tampa comes alive in the springtime. It’s when cool weather fades into memory and warmer weather (allowing for short sleeves) teases us, and every weekend is packed with outdoor events. The Gasparilla parades of late January-early February evolve into art and music festivals, garden markets, and we find ourselves enjoying a bit of artificial green on St. Patty’s Day, when Tampa’s mayor dyes the river bright kelly.

Now is the time to swap out your go-to fragrance. Cool, dry air and heavier layers lend themselves to certain notes, while endless sunshine and moist, sweaty skin lends itself to an entirely different sort of scent mood. It’s nice to have a change to celebrate novel warmth and extended daylight!

Check out what is in our cabinet at Uncommon Finds

Check out what is in our cabinet at Uncommon Finds

Here are three spring scents we recommend for the coming months:

4160 Tuesdays Ealing Green

Sarah McCartney pays homage to Ealing Green, a neighborhood in West London built around a leafy public garden, her “adopted home.” This scent is heavy, spicy, and herbal, with a thick earthy base. Not for the shy springtime wearer, but warm and enveloping with notes of thyme, violet, lavender, and geranium. A true bouquet of fresh blooms!

Agonist Parfums Floralust

As a Florida native, this gives me the feels for deep summertime, when I would escape the heat and humidity to a chilled, all-white hotel room off Fort Lauderdale Beach. This is a clean, citrus and floral fragrance that mixes caramel skin and sunscreen with salty breeze and pool water.

It’s a total summer scent, but one that works for spring thanks to its heady bouquet of notes: freesia, jasmine, magnolia, and pink pepper.

Diane Pernet in Pursuit of Magic

Diane Pernet in Pursuit of Magic

Diane Pernet In Pursuit of Magic

Diane Pernet is an elusive, shadowy figure, and her fragrance line is no different. In Pursuit of Magic is composed of citrus, a mix of orange and lemon zest like you might find in a springtime dessert recipe or in a cocktail. And then, you get whiffs of tart or tang, almost the burning smell of incense or a campfire.

Some identify cannabis, while to others it smells a bit animalistic, like a pheromone.

In any case, it will intrigue you and anyone who smells it on you for sure.

Visit us online or in-store to sample these apropos spring scents and try something unexpected!

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