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hyde park village pop-up shop [recap]

Running a successful retail business is a balancing act—between the relevance of your product to your audience, the convenience of your location (point-of-sale), and the ability to instill a sense of value in the course of transactions. It is an exercise in answering an associated series of questions: what makes our product interesting, unique, or useful? […]

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Artisanal Eau de Parfum

Artisanal indicates independent, small-batch, high quality (many parfumers bring years of expertise from larger brands to start their own lines), and less ubiquitous than what you’ll find at the mall. Eau de parfum is an important specification because it is more concentrated with perfume oil (the actual extracts of fragrance from the raw materials) than […]

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YeYe Parfums: handcrafted in-house from idea, to creation, to bottling

True to our brand name, we are perennially in search of “uncommon finds” in the world of fine fragrance with which to stock our boutique. While most lines come from across the Atlantic, one contemporary is based in sunny Santa Barbara, California, and is the latest in our spotlight series: YeYe Parfums. After years in other […]

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