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  • Blanc Désir


    190g of leaves, of thousands of tomato leaves. A country brazier, wind and springtime.

    Ingredients: White Musk, Cotton Flower, Heliotrope, Sandalwood.

  • Broken Theories


    Dark corners of a room seem to creep and reach out as the midnight clouds steal the last remaining shards of moonlight.  Memories of smoky dreams are lost within your mind.  Ruminating over the scent of mystery and nightfall, the fire you went through drifts along the air, the spices of heartache linger on the skin.  Assured, you know morning will come, the darkness will subside, and the theory that everything remains dreadful will be smashed and broken.

    Size:  100ml/3.4 fl. oz

  • Calycanthus Brumae


    Here is a calibrated balance between the subtle scent of the “paper flowers” and the woody notes of sacred incenses and rare roots. It’s not only for men. Mystic and silent like dusk on the lake: from its grey reflection in the water it takes also its silver association.

    Size:  50ml/1.7 fl. oz

  • Camellia Soliflor 100ml


    A pink composition of floral notes, dedicated to the Queen of Lake Maggiore, the scented Winter Camellia. Displaying unexpected spicy accents it is persuasive and powerful while being dressed in soft pink tones.

    Size:  100ml/3.4 fl. oz

  • Cannabis Perfume Oil


    Our cannabis perfume oil is a synthesis of the sexy, spicy, peppery notes evocative of the Cannabis Plant. This synthesis does not contain any material from the Cannabis Plant.

    Size:  9ml/0.3 fl. oz

  • Cerise Chérie


    190g of cherries, hazelnuts, black cherries and corn in an ancient central Asian recipe. A perfect red garden in miniature.

    Ingredients: Rose of Bulgaria, Jasmine, Guaiac Wood.

  • China White


    This bottle of perfume is part of the Nasomatto project. The fragrance aims to reveal the treasure of a sentimental journey. The result of a quest to reveal the strength of fragility.

    Bottle cap: crackle glaze ceramic

    Size:  30ml/1.0 fl. oz

  • Dark Saphir


    A beautifully balanced and captivating fragrance inspired by the Sapphire stone with its remarkable hardness and strength – yet refined, details and light elegance. The power, beauty and durability of the Sapphire translated into fragrance.

    Size:  50ml/1.7 fl. oz

  • Duro


    This bottle of perfume is part of the Nasomatto project. The fragrance aims to enhance all the manifestations of male strength.

    Bottle cap: wenge

    Size:  30ml/1.0 fl. oz

  • Ealing Green


    “I’d long wanted to make a scent for Ealing, my adopted home. I met my husband at Ealing Studios on Ealing Green, at a wedding. Then I was invited to make a midsummer scent for a charity evening, using plants and flowers named in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, so I combined the two ideas and created the scent of Ealing Green on a summer evening, but in the early 17th Century.” – Sarah.

    It has white thyme, green grass, violets and lavender, geraniums and roses, with an earthy base.

    Size:  50ml/1.7 fl. oz

  • Epices en Stock


    190g of cinnamon cultivated by the inhabitants of Taprobane, a tantric, soothing cinnamon.

    Ingredients: Cinnamon, Peel Mango, Sage, Turpentine.

  • Equus No. 8


    Inspired by a montage of the imagination and life affirming experiences with nature’s most stately creature, Equus, especially during a magnificent ride through historic mountains with spectacular views of the Manua Kea. The seemingly touchable clouds began to gracefully swirl, during that special, magical moment at twilight, setting the sky ablaze of pink, pale purple and rose, a fading blue sky, the sun gracefully slipping into the ocean…

    The initial opening is of spicy notes of Cardamom, Clove, Pimento Berry and Bois de Rose, evolving into leathery notes that harmonize with Saffron Absolute and Myrrh. The base transforms into notes of precious woods, Patchouli, Vetiver from Haiti, hints of Feu De Bois and White Musk, under a delicate veil of Bulgarian Rose; possessing a prominent presence and a long lasting trail of seduction.

    Size:  100ml/3.4 fl. oz