Acqua di Stresa

A foretaste of Heaven: Lake Maggiore…the Garden of Europe’s majestic villas and fairytale atmosphere.

A landscape celebrated by poets and writers, where VIPS and royal families spend their holidays. A sparkling sliver of Italy that contains all the merits and attractions that make our “Bel Paese” unique.

Dazzling light, artistic masterpieces, and unforgettable sceneries highlight a relaxed lifestyle of long vacations in shadowy gardens and languid afternoons between scented breezes. It is no wonder Italian lakes are experiencing a season of growing success.

Here you can experience a quieter and refined Dolce Vita because beauty is everywhere.

In the vivid colours of the thousands of flowers blossoming, in the reflections of the sky along the water, in a late afternoon vision of birds at flight.

In the most iconic corner of the Borromeo Gulf lies Stresa, an elegant and famous vacation resort, facing the eternal splendour of the Borromeo Islands.

Stresa is a place were history, art, fascination and exclusivity meet, have always crossed paths. In the gardens of Isola Bella, between green sceneries, old statues and colorful peacocks, Italy casts its eternal spell as the most popular show in the world: the marriage between genius and beauty, between passion and skill.

Acqua di Stresa takes inspiration from this place were perfection seems possible and beauty the only aim. Our scents are a floral ode to this corner of paradise, where flowers blossom all year round and time seems to slow down.

Acqua di Stresa was born out of its creators’strong desire to share the scents and the emotion of the garden of their beloved “buen retiro”, the “Castello di Ripa”, a two hundred year old castle by the lake, facing the Borromeo Islands.

Acqua di Stresa doesn’t speak only of the spirit of its creators: it speaks of the place where it was born, of its “genius loci”. And promotes the excellence of its unique botanical world. Acqua di Stresa is a love declaration: a hymn to a beloved place and a collection of scents whose aim is Beauty and Harmony.

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