The Dark Heart of Old Havana

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It’s the smell of a walk through Old Havana in the evening, from the Hotel Sevilla to the Caseon del Tango for a dance lesson with Ketty and Felix. Wafts of coffee and tobacco, sweet, sugary desserts cooked with baskets of oranges and mangoes. The scent of peaches beginning to turn overripe, and citrus peel going squishy in the gutter. From a dark doorway a handsome man in white whispers, “Do you want a Cuban boyfriend?” and I speed up a little, squeaking “No! Thankyou very much for asking all the same!” And then the old Cubanos at the tango club greet us with smiles, songs, rum and kisses.

Size:  50ml/1.7 fl. oz

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“I find The Dark Heart of Old Havana an adult vanilla, tactfully blended with deep, resinous accents and a musky sophistication that purrs with a cognizant, sophisticated sex appeal. Furthermore, much like Old Havana itself, Ms McCarthy’s interpretation in her considered perfume portrayal has a dirty secret. Beneath the layers of intoxicating vanillic refinement there is a subtle mumbling, be it a warning, a promise, or a combination of the two. There is an edge to The Dark Heart of Old Havana that I find absolutely intoxicating.”
– BGirlRhapsody

Perfumery dialect: Tobacco, fruity oriental
Top notes: orange, peach, grapefruit, sugar
Heart notes: tobacco, bergamot, tonka, jasmine
Base notes: vanilla, musk,  black pepper

If we live until we’re 80, we have 4160 Tuesdays thus the name of indie perfumer 4160 Tuesdays.  4160 Tuesdays’ perfumes are inspired by a place or a person at a certain moment, and created by our perfumer, Sarah McCartney (who isn’t related to any of the other more famous McCartneys but she does get asked quite often). Sarah likes to create perfume that reminds people of happy times and interesting places.  4160 Tuesdays hand make their scents in West London in batches of 50-200 bottles.

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