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  • Art Maniac


    190g of vanilla flavoured alcohol which describes the passion of Chicago gangsters and their misadventures.

    Ingredients: Cognac Agreement, Freesia, White Grape, Plantin.

  • Art Plastic


    The extravagance of a suicidal perfumer finding himself in the land of the unreal and the synthetic with the most superficial of perfumes, a scent of vintage doll.  A platinum-haired starlet dressed in pink and a mohair boa looking for success and billionaires.  A crazy perfume for a crazy house.

  • Banana Kiss


    190g of ripe bananas to which are added vanilla and cinnamon. A toucan diving into the heart of a banana plantation. A symphony of vivid colours and sweet fruits, bringing the sounds of Kipling’s birds.

    Ingredients: Banana, Cinnamon, Cocoa, Vanilla Madagascar.

  • Epices en Stock


    190g of cinnamon cultivated by the inhabitants of Taprobane, a tantric, soothing cinnamon.

    Ingredients: Cinnamon, Peel Mango, Sage, Turpentine.

  • Haricot Magique


    190g of peas, of bean pods. A green and lightly sugared perfume inspired by a giant bean plant with an airy, potent perfume.

    Ingredients: Green Agreement, Lily of the Valley, Lilac, Pistachio Agreement, Bran, Clover.

  • l’Arbre Guide


    190g of bark, sap, blood and soul of the great cedar of Lebanon. A minimalistic exercise around this tree whose strength inspires an almost religious creation. Baroque.

    Ingredients: Virginia Citron, Lemon leaves, Cornflower, Saltpetre.

  • Masque Africain


    190g of dark wood impregnated with the aromas of camphor, manioc and sorcery. An approach to the art of the Sub-sahara, of marabou influence, of dark wood and clay.

    Ingredients: Cassava, Black Tea, Camphor, Iacaranda, Wood.

  • Mon Bel Oranger


    190g of orange peel. A contemporary vision of ethnic convergences, of the blend of cultures which produces urbane exoticness in search of a new equilibrium.

    Ingredients: Orange, Orange blossom, Orange peel, Lemon, Vanilla.

  • Pain de Vienne


    190g of warm croissant. In a certain part of France there is a baker’s wife who never confuses her husband’s croissants with those of the baker’s shop opposite.

    Ingredients: Peru Balsam, Absolute Vanilla, a hint of Caramel.

  • Thé et Kimono


    190g of strongest black tea. This concentrated, spiritual potency navigates between the limits like a geisha imbibed in ceremonies.

    Ingredients: Black Tea, Eucalyptus, Broom, Mint leaves.

  • Violette Opéra


    190g of violet. It is no surprise that the rose red city has taken these flowers of sacred fire as its symbol.

    Ingredients: Absolute Violet, Karo Karound, Violet Agreement.