Our friend Nick Steward has introduced the seventh in his series of destination fragrances for urban explorers: GALLIVANT Tokyo eau de parfum. It’s the first representation from the Far East, and the first predominantly woody scent in the line.

The ceremonial Japanese Kōdō (way of fragrance) incense ritual was a central inspiration for the fragrance.

“In kōdō, a small piece of fragrant wood is placed on a mica plate, heated from below by charcoal. All this is held in a ceramic incense burner. The purpose of the ceremony is to appreciate the fragrance it releases. It’s contemplative and has had a spiritual dimension throughout Japanese history.”

Autumn Leaf Color in Garden (Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan) by t-mizo

Autumn Leaf Color in Garden (Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan) by t-mizo

Nick was also inspired by the dewy stillness of early morning, and Japanese gastropub (Izakaya) dishes. Together with his collaborator Nicholas Bonneville, they combined traditional and unique accords for a distinctive profile that is zingy, woody, and earthy:

  • Top notes include yuzu, bergamot, black pepper, and wasabi
  • Middle notes include hinoki, iris, cedarwood, and incense
  • Base notes include sandalwood, vetiver, and musk

Nick is a frequent visitor to Tokyo, and wanted to convey the refinement and deference of the Japanese culture.

“Despite it’s size, the staying in the city is always stress-free. Everyone has impeccable manners and appreciates an everyday sense of decorum, from cleanliness to afternoon tea. It’s the antithesis of big, brash, and loud, which in a way is how I see the GALLIVANT brand.”

In other words, let the product speak for itself, and make it versatile enough to wear everyday. The bottle’s small size is travel-friendly, while its price ($95 for 30ml) is more affordable than many mass market, lesser-quality fragrances.

Okuda’s Apprentice Grating Wasabi by City Foodsters

Nick started GALLIVANT after years in the perfume industry, most recently as Creative Director for L’Artisan Parfumeur in Paris. He collaborates with other “noses” to create these innovative, travel-inspired fragrances, of which now include: Amsterdam, Berlin, Brooklyn, Istanbul, London, and Tel Aviv.

We have enjoyed all of the releases from the GALLIVANT line, and can’t wait to share the elegant finesse of Tokyo with you.

With any GALLIVANT Nomad sample set purchase, receive a free sample of GALLIVANT Tokyo.

Author: Scent Junkie

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