GALLIVANT Perfumes’ Amsterdam & Berlin

Adding to its initial launch of four destination-themed fragrances, GALLIVANT Perfumes has released two new city scents: Amsterdam and Berlin.

The first is an ode to The Netherlands’ most world-renown destination, a compact agglomeration of 17th-century townhouses, canals, parks, and markets and global exporter of art and design. Today, it is an urban planner’s dream—a model for how to coexist with water at and below sea level.

De Pijp neighborhood of Amsterdam

De Pijp neighborhood of Amsterdam

From my own travels to Amsterdam- loved the multitude of historic Mercedes around town

From my own travels to Amsterdam- loved the multitude of historic Mercedes around town

GALLIVANT’s Nick Steward says this about Amsterdam:

A genre-defying floral, spicy, woody, ambery fragrance. 


Starting with a spicy aromatic head of elemi, it opens to schinus molle CO2 extract, Szechuan pepper and saffron. The floral heart contains tulip and rose. And a base of cedarwood, musks, sandalwood and amber.


More conceptually, it’s the freedom of cycling past the former spice warehouses of the Warmoesstraat to a canalside apartment on Prinsengracht on the elegant south side of the city. Wind in your hair.


Now we’re inside. It’s getting dark. It’s gezellig. That quintessential ingredient of good Amsterdam living — it’s cosy. Warm. Flowers in the window. Cake and feeling indulged. Beautifully made wooden furniture. Dark hues on the walls.

We like it because it feels like autumn weather, which we all (locally anyway) have to relish, as the heat will be upon us again too soon.


GALLIVANT Perfumes’ Amsterdam

Berlin, conversely, is darker and rougher. It evokes the concrete and steel of the city, of gritty, decadent, sexy life.

From the nose himself:

Carefree summers, the freshness of the water, swimming at the Strandbad Wannsee. It’s leather, smoke, spices, cups of black tea, being inside and underground. It’s a city of brutalist apartment blocks, concrete, elegant parquet floors, modern bohemians.


Berlin is a light and dark fragrance. A citrus, spicy, woody play of notes. Fresh and zingy top notes of grapefruit, clementine, lemon and schinus molle CO2 extract. A spicy heart containing black pepper and black tea and woody undertones of Haitian vetiver, cedarwood and patchouli.

You’ll find that both are unlike any of the others in the GALLIVANT line, just as each of these cities is unique in their ambiance, sights and smells, and prevailing vibe.

GALLIVANT Perfumes' London, in Honolulu, Hawaii

GALLIVANT Perfumes’ London, in Honolulu, Hawaii

We now have a sample set of all six GALLIVANT fragrances (Amsterdam, Berlin, Brooklyn, Istanbul, London, and Tel Aviv) available for $12 (including shipping to the lower-48 U.S. states). Each full-size bottle is $95 for 30ml, appropriately sized for tossing in your carry-on bag for your next urban adventure.

One last thing: Rob (The Scent Junkie) is now booking private consultations! Thanks to a handy hard-side travel case, he brings a sample of thoughtful selections to you, after you give him some basic information about your habits and lifestyle, and will assist you in choosing the right fragrance—for “something different than the usual,” for an occasion, or for a new signature scent.

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