Three Spring Scents You’ll Love

Tampa comes alive in the springtime. It’s when cool weather fades into memory and warmer weather (allowing for short sleeves) teases us, and every weekend is packed with outdoor events. The Gasparilla parades of late January-early February evolve into art and music festivals, garden markets, and we find ourselves enjoying a bit of artificial green on […]

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Q&A with Kerosene Fragrances

Whenever I encounter a new brand or line, of course I want to know the “what,” especially if it will eventually end up in my store. But I never tire of hearing and understanding the “who” and the “why,” too. Who is the person or partnership behind a product? What motivates and inspires them? How […]

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How to Choose the Best Perfume for You

To choose the best perfume that fits you, reading online descriptions can only illuminate part of the picture. Despite all the talk of e-commerce, drone deliveries, and “death of brick-and-mortar,” I prefer to shop for fragrance the old fashioned way: simply start smelling.  The rest is up to your nose, your skin’s unique chemistry, and your […]

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Welcome to the Uncommon Finds Blog!

Welcome to the new Uncommon Finds blog! Our goal is to provide interesting and relevant content for all of our customers and scent enthusiasts. We may also include information about upcoming events, shows, and specials that you won't want to miss. While we don't have much (if anything) on here right now, rest assured that [...]
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